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Citizens of Galaxy (CoG) is an intergalactic metaverse project. Our main goal is creating a quality society and a new exciting galaxy. To achieve our task, we have been designing our metaverse as a matchless P2E project.

Our galaxies will expand with our newly designed planets and characters. In the future, we want this intergalactic visual world to be one of the most successful projects in metaverse space.

After all, Citizens of Galaxy is more than a gaming project. In our various goals there are some aims, like building workzones, NFT galleries, live concert fields, and more. 

Who are we? We are the GALACTIC FEDERATION!

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The Story

After the second galactic war, our ancestors found the Galactic Federation. Several species from numerous planets joined this alliance to protect peace. Not long ago, we met with two candidate species called Humans and Sylerians. They clarified their desire to be a full member of our federation. Nowadays, we are preparing them for the adventures outside of their planets!

The Galactic Federation

For many years, we focused on uniting the entire galaxy. On our mission we met numerous species, allienced with several planets, and made all kinds of enemies.

The Citizen NFTS

An NFT collection of 1818 Citizens of Galaxy. All citizens are unique and deserve to be loved. These characters live on the Ethereum blockchain. Beyond that, our citizens will be playable characters and land owners in our MetaGalaxy as your saying Metaverse.
Our adventure is close to the beginning now. We observe the excitement of yours and we don't want to keep you waiting any longer..

NFT Staking

Holding a citizen NFT is exclusively beneficial. Every member who holds a citizen will be able to choose a small piece of our metaverse lands! Also, all holders will be able to earn $GFED by staking their citizen NFTs!


The Galactic Federation's legal currency is $GFED. We make draws both on Twitter and Discord to giveaway our tokens. We will launch the token after the mint.

Genesis Collection

CoG is the genesis collection of NFT Base company. NFT Base firm works with its solution partners in many areas, from the sports industry to creating an NFT exchange. Therefore, those who hold a CoG NFT will also have early access to other projects that the current NFT Base is working on.

Breed to be a Dual Citizens

There are some species able to breed with each other. Humans and Sylerians are the perfect example of this. Being a dual citizen is rewarding in many ways, like owning land on both planets, having two races specialties and more.



Q2-Q3 2022
-Designing NFT's with leading firms and famous digital artists.
-Announce several business partner firms which help us to create a new metaverse.

Q4 2022
-Sale, presale, launch and reveal our very first NFT collection.
-Listing our galactic money unit $GFED on Coinbase.

Q1-Q2 2023
-Birth and development of dual citizens.
-Givingaway the promised lands to the owners.
-Launching beta of a metaplanet .

Q3-Q4 2023
-Launching the full version of the game.
-2024 roadmap which consists new species, planets, adventures and more.








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NFT Base is the owner firm of Citizens of Galaxy. Also, NFT Base is one of the first brands in Turkey in NFT space.

ITU Cekirdek

ITU Cekirdek is one of the top 5 incubators in the world. We are happy to announce ITU Cekirdek as a partner.


Akart Art Group (SNIPEN)

SNIPEN is an experienced design firm. We are currently working with them on CoG NFTs..

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